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Fultonia Live/Work Village

Fresno to Welcome The Fultonia Live/Work Village

Fresno, CA – Nestled in an area between downtown Fresno and the Tower District will be The Fultonia Live/Work Village, a mixed-use development that offers 39 units of quality, moderately-priced housing and 10 commercial spaces.

Project design and information

Those who don’t wish to pay substantial sums of money for premium housing may find a home at The Fultonia Live/Work Village. The redevelopment, in an area that is being proposed as the SOTOW District, or South of Tower, also gives professionals and entrepreneurs the chance to invest in live/work units to reduce travel to and from work.

Developer TFS Investments, LLC, is about to begin construction on the project, at the site of what originally was a 39-unit low-income apartment complex along with 10 retail/office spaces located along Fulton Street that has fallen into disrepair. The goal is to take that same property and redevelop it entirely, and breathe new life into it as well as encourage the rest of the blighted neighborhood to make improvements as well.

“For the Fultonia project, providing quality, affordable housing is our number one focus,” said Terance Frazier, owner of TFS Investments. “At TFS Investments, we are doing the right thing and developing a bustling community where there wasn’t one before.”

Project manager is Tyco General, Inc., which has experience in managing numerous types of commercial construction projects.

The finished results will be a bright, colorful complex of buildings, complete with palm trees, banners and apartment balconies. The storefronts will house such businesses as retail shops, offices and small restaurants, and a large central courtyard plaza will be a place to gather and enjoy sunny days.

“Terance and TFS Investments has a bold vision for affordable housing that will not only help families who need assistance, but will provide investment and energy in

communities that need it most,” said Preston Prince, executive director of the Housing Authorities of the City and County of Fresno.

TFS Investments owner Terance Frazier, Fresno City Council President Cynthia Sterling, and Executive Director of the Housing Authorities of the City and County of Fresno Preston Prince, will take part in a press conference this Wednesday at 11 a.m. at the site, located at 532-614 Fulton St. in Fresno, 93721, to kick off construction on the project.


TFS Investments, LLC is one of central California’s leading real estate investment firms. TFS Investments is also known as an experienced commercial and residential real estate developer. Some of the company’s current projects include a twenty acre development in Pflugerville, Texas, the development of 120 acres in southeast Fresno and a nine acre development in central Fresno.

Tyco General, Inc. is a full service Design/Build general contracting firm and has been serving California since 1998. It has been involved in many types of commercial construction projects.

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3 Responses to “Fultonia Live/Work Village”

  1. Conlan says:

    I want to live here.

    But my main concern is this idea of “SOTOW”. I’m all for naming neighborhoods, but this name isn’t great. 1) How’s it pronounced? Both syllables like “cow”? Awkward. SEW-TAU? I propose SOTO, pronounced as “sew toe”. No ‘w’ needed. Easy on the tongue, and the same name formula as NY’s SOHO (South of Houston St., which is pronounced HOW-ston). So, SOTO. Like Gary Soto. Who’s with me?

  2. kiel says:

    Conlan, I took pause at the SOTOW name aswell. I grew up in this neighborhood. It was Tower and it has always been Tower and that has been part of our neighbohood identity.

    But of course there are sub neighborhood within Tower that self identify. Take for instance the Fresno High Neighborhood. Politically it is within the Tower District as defined by the Tower District Specific Plan. But the neighborhood identifies as something additional.

    This could work with a South of Tower neighborhood. But it needs to be infused in the neighborhood as how people identify themselves and define their neighborhood and not solely a marketing effort.

    I like where you’re going with this Gary Soto idea. I’ll make sure Terance hears about it. I think Some of Soto’s life and writings are connected to the Tower. Good fit and historic reference.

  3. keda says:

    how can i apply to live in the fultonia apartments and how long does it take to be qualified?


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