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luauWhile searching for a news article from the Fresno Bee, I stumbled upon an amazing resource. It was a webpage called Super Signage Fresno, CA. I’ve had a little obsession about signage for the past couple of months.

Unfortunately, THE FRESNAN stole my thunder and posted this early today. He pulled it from my twitter feed when I discovered the site yesterday. Mike has become an archop groupie giving the site his Bloggiest Moment of the Week for two weeks in a row. With lots of link love, I’ll let this one pass. But Mike, remember, the built environment is the realm of archop, stray too far and we will school you.

cedarlanesNow that that little blog warfare is out of the way… Digging deeper into the site called, we see that Deborah Jane has collected an amazing inventory of Roadside Architecture from across the country. You can search type and even browse signage by place. There are even a sampling some of my favorite architectural styles including Art Deco and Mid-Century. I have not read much about the author yet. So, I’m wondering what is her method is for collecting all of this data. But one thing is sure, we’ll continue to use it at a resource.

ivorytIn the sampling of Art Deco architecture. I saw this building. While slurping some Pho you may have noticed this architectural gem called the Ivory Tower. “The Ivory Tower stands in the parking lot of the Mayfair Shopping Center. The shopping center was built in 1945 and has since been remodeled. This remaining structure was used as the Administration Building and might also have contained a clothes shop.”

Take some time exploring the site. I’m sure it not comprehensive, so what are your favorites? What was missed?

dalebrosI’m amazing in how much articulation there used to be in signage. It was part of the architecture not just the lighted boxed with replaceable copy that is so prevalent today. How do we get back to that? Where are the missed opportunities?

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3 Responses to “super signage”

  1. Joe Moore says:

    Kiel – you know most of those are non-conforming signs. Hopefully they’ll address some of those sign issues in the specific plan process downtown. Right now the way things are set up, it makes it very hard for someone to do something cool with signage, especially in the urban setting.

  2. kiel says:

    Joe, you’re right. However, I know there is a loop hole that has been exploited other places is that call it an architectural feature, not signage. It can’t be an overt sign but can support the overall brand of the business or building.

  3. Michael says:

    I lived in the Mayfair district in the mid 70’s when the Mayfair Shopping Center housed many restaurants and specialty shops, a pharmacy, a health food store and a Savemart Grocery Store (in the location which now houses the thrift store). The Ivory Tower at that time sold womens’ designer apparell and then for a few years afterward was transformed into a gift shop, the ambience of which would have blended well with shops in the Tower District today.


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