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The road to Fulton Mall

If given the thoughtful analysis it deserves the Fulton Mall as a historic pedestrian mall will contribute to the revitalization happening in downtown Fresno and not displace current mall businesses and users. Here lies the issue, a restored Fulton Mall has not been given thoughtful analysis through the City led specific plan and design process. At every turn, the weaknesses of the Fulton Mall are amplified while promoting only the predicted strengths of Fulton Street. Further, the Fulton Mall has been blamed for Fresno sprawl and concurrent downtown decline. This doesn’t give the public and our City Council a fair and non-biased analysis of the options for the future of the corridor and its impacts on the rest of downtown.

The downtown Fresno I see today and in the future can benefit from a restored historic pedestrian space as the core. For that reason I followed and contributed to the nearly four year long planning process. That process now comes to a head with a February 27th vote on approving the Fulton Mall Reconstruction Project EIR and a selection of a preferred alternative to be implemented. But unlike promised, City Council will only be considering two options, both opening the Fulton Mall to automobile traffic. The third option restoring and completing the Fulton Mall has been rejected as an alternative in the Environmental Impact Report [EIR] by a clever redefining of the project objectives and lack of funding.

From my perspective it is the best for our downtown that our City Council should direct staff and it’s consultants to revisit and fully study the Restore and Complete alternative for the Fulton Mall. This can restore some loss of faith in the public process, protect the City for legal action from a faulty EIR and perhaps open our eyes to the viability of the Fulton Mall.

I will be further developing to topics below. Check back for updates.

Faults and Faith in process

An Alternate Vision for Fulton Corridor

Attend Save the Fulton Mall Rally
Saturday, February 22 | 10am–noon
Free Speech Stage | Fulton Mall & Mariposa

This rally is being hosted by a grassroots group of advocates for the preservation of the Fulton Mall. There is a lot to celebrate in the living culture of downtown, historic preservation, adaptive reuse and increased business downtown. Join us in celebrating our culture, the history of the Fulton Mall, and share an alternate vision for its future. There will be live music and poetry performances as well as a slate of speakers touching on the past, present and future of our downtown.

This event is free and open to all. Stay connected with Save the Fulton Mall on Facebook.

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